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Chapter 36: E1asjd5Eivk-1 by Blaria95

    Morning now: I stretched my arms and then got out of my bed.  I went into my bathroom in order to change into my Uniform.  I really hope that nothing disastrous will happen tonight at Night-School.  I miss my old life-style so much: the times in my life where I was never attacked by strangers (Ayato and his brothers.)  But I have gotten used to not being treated well by Ayato and his brothers.  I now went outside of my bedroom. 

I notice a different portrait this time: I walked further down the hallway.  The portrait is of Ayato and his triplet brother's: Laito and Kanato: as babies.  The three of them all look SO ADORABLE!!!  Their mother is looking so proud in the portrait.  But the BAD KIND OF "PROUD."  The kind of "PROUD" that interprets that she is ready to brag about all three of her sons.  Wanting to stop looking at her because I do not like her at all: I now notice a different portrait.  This portrait is featuring Richter.  He is standing very tall and his face is a bit troubled-looking but yet he is slightly smiling.  He isn't bad-looking: I will admit that.  But I do not like him nonetheless.  

After all, he didn't care about his three nephews' suffering during their childhood (Ayato, Kanato, and Laito.)   A picture of little Ayato is right nearby his portrait of his uncle.  Ayato looks so happy in this picture.  What is he so happy about?  This picture itself makes me smile.  Who wouldn't about such an ADORABLE FACE???   As I am still smiling at the portrait of Child Ayato: all of a sudden someone grabbed my arm out of nowhere.  I turned around instantly.  "Ayato?"  I said to him and he nodded.  

"Chichinashi, what are you doing over here?"  "Don't you know it is nosy to look at pictures of people?"  "That was not my intention, Ayato."  "Looking at pictures of people is not always a personal thing."  "Besides, you are so cute in this picture!"  I said so cheerfully and pointed at the portrait of Ayato as a child: to Ayato himself.  Ayato looked at the portrait but not for long at all.  "Even if that portrait is "HAPPY," I'm NOT THAT WAY ANYMORE."  "The past is the past."  "If there was a way I could go back to my childhood without having any awful experiences: I'd love to know what device is capable of doing that."  

"You're not the only one with a rough childhood, Ayato."  I said in response to what he had just said to me.   "What are you getting at, Pancake?"  "I mean that your  brothers didn't have their lives easy as children either."  "Other people don't have easy lives either."  "If you truly want some emotional help: please let me know."  "I'll be going downstairs for breakfast for the time being."  Ayato said nothing: he only watched me walk down the Upstairs' hallway and down the stairs.  I was just in time for breakfast.  

Ayato sat two seats down away from me: this time Laito sitting next to me for a change.  "Bitch-Chan, these Pancakes taste so good, don't you think so?"  "Yes Laito, they do."  I am trying to be friendly to him.  I have a very strong feeling he'll make some kind of sex-reference involving Pancakes: so I started to cover my ears with my hands.  "Oi, Chichinashi: is the perv bothering you?"  Ayato called out.  "Y-yes, Ayato."  Ayato said to Laito just now: "Don't bother her, pervert: THAT'S MY JOB."  

"Ayato I am beginning to wonder if you have romantic interest towards our prey."  Laito pointed at me.  "What a dumb thing to say, Pervert."  Not wanting to hear any verbal-fighting: I now went upstairs and fast.  I hadn't eaten hardly any of my Pancakes and walking through the Upstairs" Hallway I notice another picture.  

This one has Ayato, Laito, and Kanato with their mother: except they are older in this picture.  Ayato and Kanato look the most uncomfortable in the photograph.  Ayato's face says: "I don't want to be near this woman."  Kanato's face says: "THIS WOMAN SCARES ME!"  And Laito's face practically gestures: "A photograph with mother?"  "I feel SO SPECIAL!"  Blush marks are on Laito's cheeks in the photograph. I wonder who took this picture.  


umn4IkO-sDQ by Blaria95  F990bfe1167ee19597abccb091c78cda By Blaria95-d9z4z by Blaria95

hQPjSUr6L58-1 by Blaria95
Ayato x Yui: Bite marks and passion Ch 36
The rest of the pictures are at the bottom.
JYeVoKwjNjs by Blaria95Picture from

    I am already asleep but I see Ayato, Laito, and Kanato: in a bathtub all together with each other.  I don't know why Kanato looks so afraid.  Ayato is having the most fun: judging by the large smile on his face and Laito is having quite fun as well because he is smiling too.

"I'M GONNA SQUIRT YOU WITH THIS WATER-GUN, LAITO!"  Ayato said so determinedly.  Laito laughed quietly and said: "You missed, though."  "That squirt wasn't even good."  I am smiling: a moment such as this where Ayato and his two brothers get along IS ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIC.  "Let me get some more water into it."  Ayato told Laito and Laito nodded.  Ayato now filled up his small water-gun with more water inside of it this time. Then he squirted Laito and had perfect aim.  Kanato is barely laughing.  Is he thinking about consequences involving his mother? Laito now turned around to face Kanato and said to him: "Kanato, stop worrying so much."  

"We won't let Ayato be found by mom: while spending time with us."  "Easy for you to say, Laito."  Kanato raspberried at his older brother, Laito.  "I'm getting out of the bathtub now." "I should be spending time with Teddy anyway."  Kanato now got out of their bubbly- tub and walked out of the bathroom but with a towel on.  "Ayato, should we start leaving our bathroom as well?"  Laito is wondering.  "Pfft, no way."  "We still need to have Water-Gun-time."  "That is true but what if mother finds out that you are in here with me: anytime soon?"  "FINE: I'LL GET OUT SINCE YOU WANT ME TO!!!"  Ayato said so furiously at his older brother.  "YOU'RE A LAME BROTHER, LAITO!"  

Laito has a look on his face that gestures that he knows that Ayato does not mean that he is lame at all: that Ayato only said that out of anger.  Ayato now left his bathroom as well: but made sure to wrap a towel around himself.  Laito is still inside of the tub.  He began to wash himself with soap but I somehow notice that he is masturbating inside of his bath-tub.  Why are my eyes focusing on that?  I"M NOT NOTICING THAT ON PURPOSE!

Laito just now said to himself: "Masturbation is a beautiful thing."  "Mother says to encourage to do it but I like masturbating anyway."  She is leading you in the wrong direction: I am thinking to myself.  The way your mother encourages you to masturbate: IS NOT IN THE RIGHT-TYPE-OF-WAY.


All of a sudden I am outside this time.  In the woods and I notice Young Shu.  He is twelve years old and a boy with long brown hair long enough to be put into a ponytail: has just showed up.  "I'm Edgar."  The boy told Shu.  "Are you lost in these woods?"  E3cDTr36pPw by Blaria95
Image from

Shu had had his eyes focused on the boy the whole time but once asked the question: he turned his face away from the boy with the brown-hair: feeling embarrassed.  "You don't need to feel embarrassed."  The boy told Shu.  "You're new to these woods anyway: I can tell."  Shu has a smile on his face now: because of being grateful that the boy is being "understanding."  "I'm Edgar."  The boy repeated his name.  "What's your name?"  "Shu." Shu told him.  "Sakamaki."  "Sakamaki Shu?"  Shu nodded.  "Wealthy-sounding-name," Edgar observed.  "But you don't look snobby in the slightest."  "We can be friends, Shu."  "How does that sound?"  Edgar said as he tossed Shu an apple.  Shu caught the apple and smiled.  "We can be friends."  He said with a smile on his face.  "You're nice after all."  Edgar smiled when told that.

Did Shu run away?  Why was he in the woods?  
lj-ocJrKrGQ by Blaria95
Image from

I now awakened.  Will I be having more dreams about Reiji next?  I still barely know anything about Shu but I hardly know anything about Reiji's past.

Ayato x Yui: Bite marks and passion Ch 35
The rest of the words are after the picture.
    Chapter 2:  History and Literature- Class

    History is being boring for me.  In my pink notebook that I carry around all the time: I am drawing a doodle of Danny and I looking bored in our History-Class.  Why am I so obsessed with him?  I like that I have feelings for Danny so much but BEING SO INTO HIM: IS VERY UNHEALTHY.

The bell rang in twenty-mintute and I walked out of the classroom: my pretty black hair on my back with each small step that I take.  I feel so pretty: I ALWAYS FEEL THAT WAY.  My next class is Literature and Danny's next class is "Literature" as well.

Literature IS SO MUCH MORE ENTERTAINING FOR ME: but only when it involves Fantasy and Romance.  I'll never tell Paulina that I am a Fantasy-Lover. According to Popular-People: they are supposed to like Romance Literature if the Popular-person is a girl and a Popular-Boy is supposed to like "Action" Literature.  It needs to be the same way with movies and also shows.  I don't think I belong with the "Popular-Group" VERY WELL.  

I'd RATHER BE TRUE TO MYSELF.  I drew some more doodles of Danny and I in Literature-Class and when the class was over with: I noticed Danny sitting on the bench with our teacher, Mr. Lancer.  He teaches Technology and also Literature.  Danny has a book in his hands: what kind of book?

They are talking to each other.  "So, the book is about a lion?"  "What do you want me to write about the lion, exactly?"  "Mr. Daniel Fenton: YOU SHOULD REALLY PAY ATTENTION IN CLASS."  "I know that." Danny sounded bored out of his mind when he said that to Mr. Lancer.  

The two of them still don't notice my presence yet: and I shouldn't interrupt them but I AM GOING TO ANYWAY.  "H-hello, Mr. Lancer."  "Hello Danny."  I slightly fluttered my eyelashes at Danny.  "Are you alright?"  Danny asked me: feeling confused.  "Oh yes, I had something in my eyes, that's all."  I lied.  "Mr. Fenton, I'm sure Ms. Manson wouldn't mind telling you the assignment."  "She likes Literature unlike you: after all."  "O-okay."  Danny said: not sure how to reply to what Mr. Lancer said.  

Mr. Lancer now stood up from the bench and walked away down the hall.  I can sit next to Danny!  I am squealing inside of my mind.  I now took a seat next to Danny.  "Hi, Danny."  I fluttered my eyelashes at him again.  "H-hi."  "Is there something in your eyes again?"  "Yeah, sorry about that."  Embarrased, I started to glide my hands through my hair so fast.  "I don't know you very well but you seem nice compared to Paulina."  Danny said to me.  "I'm glad you've noticed that."  I told Danny.  

"Being "popular" is hard work because if I mess up at it: I'll be dumped out of the "Popular-Group and be abandoned by Paulina."  "I want to be true to myself instead of hiding some of the things I like."  "Why do you waste your time being with the Popular-Group, then?"  Danny asked me.

"Since you want to be true to yourself: you should go ahead and do that and not care about what your friends think."  "It's not like I'd be judging you of what you like and don't like."  "You're so nice, Danny."  "I wish most people at Casper-High could be as nice as you."  "I'm not used to complements from people at school."  Danny let me know.  "Tucker is my only friend here."  "THe Techno-Nerd?"  "Yeah," Danny replied. "So um, can you help me with this book?"  "About the lion, right?"  Danny nodded his head.  

"Our class is to write about what we like about the lion and why we think he is a great character and what we think are the spectacular traits that make him a great hero."   "I see."  Danny replied.  "I could help you out with the assignment if you would like me to."  "Mr. Lancer isn't allowing partners, though."  Danny told me.  "I know that but if you want to get a good grade you should let me help you out with the assignment."  "I'll talk to Mr. Lancer about that idea of yours."  Danny told me and now stood up from the bench.  He walked over to his locker down the hallway.  I REALLY HOPE THAT MR. LANCER WILL BE OKAY WITH DANNY AND I WORKING ON THE ASSIGNMENT TOGETHER.
Image from


Image from
   My name is Marco Diaz and I am the luckiest guy on the planet because I have just started dating Jackie Lynn Thomas: the coolest girl at my school. I love her nice personality: that she isn't judgmental.  I love her aqua-green eyes.  Right now we are smiling at each other: I think we are going to kiss: that's what it feels like to me.  We now are leaning closer to each other and my lips now touched Jackie's lips and her lips touched mine as well.

Image from

    As we now released our lips from each other: I notice the full-moon turning red.  I feel so confused: is there something with the moon? "Marco, is something bothering you?"  Jackie sounds concerned about me.  "Um, don't worry about it."  I told Jackie.  "I noticed the moon turning red but I'm sure it was only my imagination."  I hope so, I am thinking to myself.  "Well alright: if you say to not worry: then I am sure everything is fine."  Jackie said with a smile on her face.  I smiled back, blushing because I love Jackie so much.  She has always been the girl of my dreams: ever since I was a little boy.  

Jackie and I walked to my house now and upstairs in my bedroom: Jackie put her legs on my lap.  I feel so nervous: WHAT SHOULD I DO???  "Marco, relax."  Jackie clearly notices the sweat all over my face.  "I'm not going to pressure you to do anything with me."  "W-WITH ME?"  "Y-YOU ARE READY FOR SOMETHING LIKE THAT ALREADY?"  "WOW!"  "You aren't ready for "experimenting," Marco?"  

"E-even if I would be ready for it: I'D STILL BE JUST AS NERVOUS."  "That's alright, Marco: I'm not asking you to do anything unless you're ready to."  "Let me just make some moves on you for the time being."  Jackie winked at me.  "O-okay."  I am sweating so much to the point my armpits are sweating.

GREAT: WHAT A GREAT WAY TO IMPRESS YOUR OWN GIRLFRIEND.  (Sarcasm.) Jackie isn't minding my sweaty armpits though: because she accepts me for me.  In just a few minutes she now went home: her mother picking her up.  As I am lying on my pillow: alone: a voice just now ran through my head.  "Marcoooooooooooooooo."  The voice said.  I panicked right away and said: "H-WHO ARE YOU?"   "I am the new voice that will now speak to you inside of your mind."  "You have betrayed Star's feelings."  "What are you talking about?"  I am so confused.  

"You aren't aware at all that she has  been developing feelings for you?"  THe voice said to me.  "Uh, no…"  I said so cluelessly.  "You're Star's best friend: so therefore you should notice her feelings for you."  "Besides, wouldn't it be interesting for you to go out with a magical princess?"  "I've had a crush on Jackie for so long, though."  I told the voice.  "You should just let me be happy."  "I'm insecure enough as it is."  "But Star helps build your confidence as well."  The voice pointed out to me.  

"Yes I know that but I need to date a human: it's what makes the most sense after all."  I told the voice.  "That makes no sense to me," the voice  told me.  "You and Star have very different personalities but you two would be great together as a couple."  "The Blood-Moon Ball you went to with Star: the red-light in the ball-room had shone on both you and Star: but yet you decided to betray your own FATE to become a couple with Star."  

"IT IS FATE THAT WILL BRING YOU AND YOUR BEST FRIEND TOGETHER: AS A COUPLE."  "And as the consequence of betraying your own best friend's feelings: Star will NEVER REMEMBER YOU FROM NOW ON."  "WH-WHAT?!"  I said.  "YOU CAN'T MAKE THAT HAPPEN: I WON'T ALLOW IT!!!"  "STAR IS MY BEST FRIEND!"  

"IF SHE WON'T EVER REMEMBER ME: I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'LL DO WITH MY LIFE!"  "AND THOSE ARE TRUE-FRIENDSHIP WORDS."  THe voice told me.  "Be aware of your own best friend's feelings for you."  "Since you have failed that: THERE WILL NOW BE A CONSEQUENCE OR MORE."  "PLEASE STOP THIS!"  I told the voice.  "GET OUT OF MY HEAD AND LEAVE ME ALONE!"  "No."  The voice told me and it now left.  

I made sure it left and it did: THANK GOODNESS.  When will Star NOT REMEMBER ME?  I feel so stressed: THERE'S NO WAY I'LL BE ABLE TO FALL ASLEEP TONIGHT!!!  "Marco?"  "Star?"  I said.  My best friend now entered my bedroom without knocking.  "Marco, what is wrong?"  

"You kept YELLING."  "WAS A DEMON INVADING YOUR MIND?"  Star said in a more excited-tone of voice since she LOVES TO FIGHT MONSTERS.  "No: a voice."  I told her.  "It told me something but I'd rather not let you know what is said."  "Marco, as my best  friend: YOU CAN TELL ME ANYTHING."  "This is a whole different matter, Star."  "If I tell you: you'll be heartbroken."  Star is not being excited any longer this time.  "Does-does it have something to do with Jackie?" Star asked curiously.  "Ummmmmm."  I said.  "Slightly."  "Oh."  Star said.

"Well I'm just glad you and her are together, Marco."  "Me too."  I am smiling. Star smiled back but she looks a little hurt.  HOW HEARTBROKEN IS SHE???  As my best friend now started to leave my bedroom, I said to her: "Star, the voice inside my head mentioned that you have feelings for me." "Is that true?"  

"If it is true: I only like you as a friend."  Star left my bedroom now: without a word.  WOW: I am thinking to myself. SHE'S REALLY UPSET.  IT'S ALL MY FAULT FOR BETRAYING MY OWN BEST FRIEND'S FEELINGS!  BUT I CAN'T BE WITH SOMEONE I DON'T HAVE ROMANTIC-INTEREST TOWARDS.  



Blaria95's Profile Picture
Emma Laurel Butcher
United States
I am a very modest girl in terms of how I dress and in terms of not boasting about myself. I care deeply about my friends' feelings, making sure to not hurt them in any sort of way. However, I do care about everyone else's feelings even though they aren't friends of mine.

I love to make my friends laugh, I make sure to be the "fun" kind of friend. My favorite art style is Manga but I love Anime even more. :)

My likes: Animals, art, cartoons, anime, looking stylish, video games, reading, going outside, Computer.

My dislikes: Video games with blood, insensitivity,

My fave words: Awesome, cool, awwwwwwwwww, Aw man, Cute, Adorable,

Current Residence: St. Louis
Favourite genre of music: Rock N Roll
Favourite photographer: Myself
Favourite style of art: Manga
Wallpaper of choice: Edward Elric
Favourite cartoon character: Aang


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